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Top 4 Wedding Lighting Design Ideas

When it comes to the perfect wedding design, lighting is one of the most substantial and also most underrated elements. Event lighting has the ability to set the mood and also help highlight all the many details you’ve spent months envisioning and planning.

Lighting isn't only just for looks, however. Without the proper amount of lighting, guests wouldn't be able to enjoy certain aspects as easily, such as their food or the dancefloor. You'll also want your wedding photos to be nothing short of exquisite. With poor or insufficient lighting, it'd be hard to attain all of these things. But luckily, we have a few wedding lighting design ideas to make your special day truly one to remember.

Colorwash & Uplights

Adding colored uplights can help simplify your design process, while also adding so much to your overall wedding "theme". Most wedding decor is color coordinated and washes of a specific color on the walls is an easy way for you to showcase your chosen theme.

String Lights

These are also referred to as bistro lighting or cafe lighting. These larger strands of lights are the most versatile way to light up any space, making them a very popular lighting option. We offer various wire (white or black), bulb sizes, and color options (warm white or rgbw).

Wedding lighting costs will vary drastically from event to event. It all comes down to your wedding location, the size of your venue, and the style you’re looking for. Because all of these factors are so different for every wedding, it’s hard to put an exact number on how much you should budget.

Projector Lighting

Gobo Lighting

Projector lighting, also known as gobo lighting, is a custom template that light shines through to create a visual or monogram on the floor, ceiling, or wall.

Trees, Shrub & Structure Lighting

Because we also offer professional Christmas lighting, our team is also able to light up nearby trees, shrubs, and structures around the entire event space if desired, for the ultimate wedding lighting design.

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