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Add Beauty & Safety To Your Home With Landscape Lighting

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

After the sun goes down, does your home just disappear into the darkness? Professional landscape lighting has the ability to not only improve the curb appeal of your home and spice up your backyard events but it also increases the worth of your property. More importantly, outdoor lighting can also add safety and security for your family and guests.

Here are some lighting design elements we recommend for your home:

Up Lighting

Give your home a warm glow in the evening hours by up lighting the façade of your property. This lighting technique highlights the beauty of your homes' architectural details while also adding depth to your homes' landscape design by highlighting trees or shrubs in the front yard area.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights are designed to direct light downward, which is perfect for showcasing walkways and flowerbeds. Properly illuminating pathways in your back or front yard ensures walking areas will be safe while also adding beauty to your landscapes.

Proper lighting provides warm light for your guests during outdoor events and extends the party long into the evening

Backyard Lighting

Deck & Step Lighting

We offer great options for your outdoor decks and steps that don’t show much by day, but give off a significant amount of light in the evening hours. Step lighting is a minimalistic way to keep your stairs lit and safe as the lights are installed directly inside of the stairs.

Bistro Lighting

String lighting is a unique way to provide warm lighting during various outdoor events and extends your visits long into the evening. This is a great option for backyard weddings or those who love hosting guests at their home.

Add Some Color

RGBW or color-changing fixtures offers the ability to fully customize your landscape lighting design. Filter through various color options to create a mood, spice up an outdoor event or as a simple way to decorate for the holidays.

Get A Free Demonstration

Lighting by GGA offers free landscape lighting demos, so you can see exactly how various lighting options are able to enhance your home or business' architecture.

Are you ready for your property to better stand out in the evening hours? Call 254-666-6242, email or fill out our online submission form to schedule your free lighting demo and quote today.

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