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Landscape Lighting

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Brighten your outdoor living space and add security with landscape lighting. 

From subtle warm illumination to custom color-changing options, our expert Texas landscape lighting design team will work with you to create your dream outdoor lighting display. By installing an outdoor lighting system, you aren't just adding to your home's curb appeal or increasing the overall value. You're also providing additional security and safety to you, your family, and your neighbors by creating a well-lit area that deters unwanted visitors and prevents any possible tripping hazards in the yard. 

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Enhance Your Property

Landscape lighting can highlight your investment, increase the overall value and add major curb appeal. A professional outdoor lighting system also has the ability to showcase your home's unique architecture, colors, textures, and stonework. 

Improve Safety & Security

Safety: By illuminating entryways, steps, and walkways with a strategic landscape lighting plan tailored to your unique home design, you can improve safety for you and your guests by eliminating dangerous tripping hazards.  

Security: Landscape lighting can increase the overall security of a residence and deter intruders in various ways. When you illuminate the entry and exit points of a property and eliminate dark areas that could be used as potential hiding areas, it creates an illusion of an occupied residence and makes your home less likely to be their next target.
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Outdoor Living & Lifestyle 

Take your outdoor gatherings, parties, and hangouts to the next level by creating beautiful and functional illumination around your patio, pool, grill, and dining areas. Mix and match various lighting fixtures for the ultimate backyard lighting design. 

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Complete your dream lighting installation project by turning your purchase into affordable monthly payments. 

Color-Changing, App Controlled

Our color-changing outdoor uplighting fixtures offer users the ability to completely customize their outdoor lighting design right from their smartphone. Filter through various color options to set a mood, spice up an outdoor event or wedding, or decorate holidays.
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String Lighting & Bistro Lights

Layer your backyard landscape lighting design by adding our string lighting or "bistro lighting" fixtures to create the ultimate hangout spot. Available in both classic white and color-changing options. 
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