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Crafting your own winter wonderland with lights, garlands and wreaths, takes time. The team at GGA mixes hard work and expertise to produce that perfect touch of holiday cheer for your home or business. With the help of holiday decorating professionals, your home and/or business could be the envy of the neighborhood. As the recognized professionals in the area, we will evaluate and map your property, listen to your desires and create a holiday lighting and decorating plan that accentuates the unique features of your space. Providing a comprehensive array of decorating options – including energy efficient LED lights, supplies, holiday decorations and manpower, Christmas Decor can transform your home into a spectacular wonderland and capture the spirit of the holidays.

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Magnolia Silos lighting by GGA Waco Texa

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Our customers appreciate the service! Each one of our installations is a reflection of the homeowner’s personality and love for the holidays. We’ll follow the lines of your roof, windowsills, other elements of your home, and highlight existing shapes with lights, ornaments and displays. We’ll work with the design of your home – not work against it. Quality holiday decorating, especially lighting, takes time, design skills and knowledge of electrical capabilities and our team is properly trained to make sure the installation is done right. Discover why so many people in your neighborhood are switching to our hassle-free for holiday decorating options. We’ll always make sure that your display is done in a delightful and tasteful way. 

daytime decor

Garlands, wreaths, and bows around doorways, arches, and columns offer a festive daytime look. Miniature lights bring these decorations to life a night.

ground lighting

Stake lighting adds the lower spectrum to your lighting program by outlining walks, beds, and driveways. These lights illuminate pathways and glow beautifully.

lifesize figurines

Adding large lit and life size forms is a fun way to make a statement. We carry a large assortment of characters; soldiers, nutcrackers, deer, and angels, to name a few.

trees & shrubs

Have fun with outdoor tree and shrub lighting schemes by utilizing different colored lights and color combinations to create themed outdoor light displays. 

window lighting

Highlight and enhance every corner of your home with clean and precise window lighting. Go bold colorful or classic white. 

roof lighting

Roof Lighting provides a great foundation to the decorating theme. Fascia lighting creates sharp lines and angles. Ridge lighting emphasizes height and depth.

RGB lighting

Want to create a display that changes throughout the season right from your phone? RGB is the way to go offering programmable color changing light strings.


A one-time, permanent installation, you can illuminate every occasion, event or holiday that is special to you, 365 days a year.

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