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Commercial Lighting

Showcase Your Business With Professional Commercial Lighting 

Decorate your storefront with red and green lighting and wreaths for the holidays or install permanent year-round lighting that will make your business stand out, even at night! Customize colors to match your brand, show your 4th of July spirit with a unique red-white-and-blue pattern or keep it on the classic warm white color setting. The options for commercial lighting are endless. Light up the trees in the parking lot for year-round safety and curb appeal or place bistro string lighting on your bar patio. Whatever your commercial lighting desire, our team of design and install specialists will work with you to make it happen. 

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Permanent Year-Round Lighting

A one-time permanent install that is fully customizable and can be managed right from your phone. Choose from various colors and lighting pattern options. Show off your business brand colors, light up for the holidays, or change it when local football team wins the game - whatever you decide, its all in your hands.

Holiday Lighting & Christmas Decor

Show off your holiday spirit and bring cheer to the neighborhood, to your customers, your employees, or your tenants with professional commercial Christmas lighting. Choose from various colors and designs to fit your brand or favorite holiday theme. We also offer Christmas decor such as lit wreaths and garlands, Christmas trees, photo-ops, large decor, and more, for the ultimate holiday display! 
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Customize lights from your phone

Control from where you are

Manage multiple properties

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permalites commercial outdoor lighting
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