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Christmas Lighting & Decor 

Professional Christmas lighting installers in Texas for 21+ years.

We know firsthand that creating a beautiful Christmas lighting display takes time and energy. Let us take the hassle out of your holidays with professional Christmas lighting installation in Texas. Gone are the days of untangling boxes of lights and getting on top of steep roofs and ladders. With the help of our holiday decorating professionals, trained installation team, and over 20 years of knowledge in the industry, you can get back to enjoying the holiday season without all of the stress!

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Commercial Christmas Lighting Installation and Holiday Decor. 

We help Texas businesses show off their holiday spirit with our various Commercial Christmas lighting installation options. Keep your design simple with traditional Christmas roof lighting or make your display extravagant by adding lit and pre-decorated garlands and wreaths, tree lighting, colorful uplighting, and large holiday display pieces.  

Check out our work at the Magnolia Market Silos in Downtown, Waco Texas! 

Residential Christmas Lighting Installation Designs in Texas. 

Our holiday lighting and decor designers will come out to your home or business and put together a unique Christmas lights display that beautifully highlights your property and personal style. Show off your favorite holiday and Christmas themes by choosing from a variety of colors, designs, and decor options.

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Professional Christmas Lighting Installers in Texas Including A Guarantee Maintenance Plan.

We know that decorating for the Christmas season can be extremely dangerous. Our professional, fully insured, and trained installation team is here to do the hard work for you! No more climbing on steep roofs or ladders risking an injury. 

Service Calls:
Bad weather and other incidents can cause lights to knock loose. For this reason, we have a service guarantee. Notice an issue with your lights? Just let our office know and we will come out to your property to resolve, free of charge.

Holiday Lighting and Christmas Decor Take Down and Storage. 

We offer a full-service Christmas lighting experience. Meaning, we own all of the lighting and decor that is installed and our clients are simply renting it for the season. All lighting is custom fit and colored for your specific property, stored away, and labeled with your information for next year's use. You can add, take away, or request a color change on your design each year.

IMPORTANT: For safety and insurance purposes, we will not install any Christmas lighting or decor that is not owned by us. 
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Christmas Decor: Pre-Lit Greenary and Large Displays. 

Take Christmas lighting display to the next level with our premium Christmas decor options! Choose from beautifully lit or unlit decor pieces including garlands and wreaths, Christmas trees, 3D displays, photo-ops, and more. Ask your designer for all of our available stunning Christmas decor options. 
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